Mariposa Web Design

Serving Long Island and the Five Boroughs

My name is Sharon Guzman. After 10 years in communication, I found my heart belonged to the internet. In 2005 I began the challenging task of a complete career change. Needing to hold down a steady income during the process, I studied online through the University of Phoenix Online. I received my Masters Degree in Information Systems/Management in April 2007.

Beginning in 2006 while still knee deep in my schooling, I was charged with the task of maintaining my company’s intranet. I was in charge of creating content for all departments and keeping it current on a daily basis. I began learning HTML on my own as a way to break out of the limitations of the content management system.

Taking the Leap of Faith

In 2007, I set out as a freelancer doing web related work while continuing to polish my design skills on my own. By the end of 2007, I had taken a part time job doing web design for a small company on Long Island.

In late 2009, I was able to become completely independent.

Mariposa Web Design is an Affordable Web Design Solution

I founded Mariposa Web Design in 2008 to expand my client base and offer an easy, cost effective web design solution for small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations.

I specialize in informational websites. Although more dynamic sites are available, my primary focus is on HTML and CSS, intended to get your site up and running quickly while keeping rates affordable.