Small Business

Mariposa Web Design supports the local economy.

Great news! The economy is improving and business is looking up. Yes! It really is! Ok, ok it’s slow going, but the point is it’s been a steady climb.

The bad news is I can’t do this all by myself. Not without chaining myself to my laptop that is. So I’m expanding my business!

I’ve recently contracted a designer and a coder, both based right here in the greater NYC area. With their help, I’ll be better able to give my clients the personal service they deserve! Not to mention being able to offer them more services that I wasn’t able to offer before!

This is great news for me and for my clients.

The first to benefit was Access Careers in Hempstead. The Access Careers website was recently launched on February 14th.  A happy Valentine’s Day indeed!  Access Careers features a custom WordPress theme, a vertical accordion drop down menu, and a dynamic School Update section.  The site designed to promote their many study programs such as their CNA Courses, Computer Courses and much more!

Like what you see?  Call me to see what we can do for you!