Marketing Tips

How to get FREE advertising in google…

Ever see those listings at the top or side of the Google search results? Chances are those are sponsored links. Advertisers pay for these high ranking links by paying for every click they receive. The cost per click varies depending on the keywords you use for your advertising campaign. I’ve seen clicks for as low as a nickel. Not too bad!

I, for one, was nervous about pay per click advertising. The last thing I wanted to do was rack up a huge bill without knowing if it would even generate any income for me. For that reason, I’ve put off starting a Google Adwords campaign for a long time.

Then I found a solution. You can test drive Google AdWords just by obtaining a Google Adwords Coupon Code. This coupon code, depending on where you get it, can be worth as much as $100 or more in adwords advertising. That’s a lot of clicks! And a great way to test drive Google AdWords.

So where do you get these Adwords Coupon Codes?

Many companies offer these coupon codes to new customers who buy their services. I got mine from Host Gator. When I signed up for my Host Gator hosting account, I received a card in the mail for a coupon code worth $50 in FREE Adwords credits.

I checked back recently and see that Host Gator is currently offering a $25 credit for Google Adwords. It’s not as good as it once was, but it’s still a decent start. You need hosting for your site anyway, so why not get the hosting, and then take advantage of some free advertising!