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Mariposa Web Design specializes in affordable websites for small businesses.  As a sole proprietor based on Long Island, I know how important it is for you, as a small business owner to keep costs down.  I can help you get your business on the web for a fraction of the cost of large agencies.

Web Solutions by Mariposa Web Design

  • Business to Consumer Websites
  • Business to Business Websites
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website Updates and Redesign
  • Website Maintenance

I’ve developed a way for you, the small business owner, to get a website up and running, without hurting your bottom line. My simple, informational websites are affordably priced.

What can a small business website do for you?

  • Expand your business by being available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your website is an online catalog or brochure that can be easily updated at any time.
  • A quality website helps to give your small business a more professional image.
  • Improve customer service by offering information and resources for your customers that they can access online whenever they need it.
  • Sell products online without the need for a brick and mortar location.
  • Promote your services. Perfect for lawyers, doctors, accounting firms, virtually anyone!
  • Generate leads for your business.
  • Gather information about your customers by offering surveys.
  • Recruit quality employees by posting job opportunities online.

Getting your business on the web does not need to be complicated or expensive.

Simple, Effective Designs: You want to get your business on the web without breaking your budget. I want to help.

By working with you to create simple, effective designs, I am dedicated to giving your business the added benefit of a web presence while keeping your costs down.

Want to know more? Send me an email or call! I will gladly discuss your project needs with you.

Need more? Need a custom site with more functionality? E-commerce? Interactive websites? Contact me to discuss a custom solution to fit your needs.

New Gluten Free Blog for Long Islanders!

Live on Long Island and looking for Gluten Free restaurants?  Check out this new blog: Go G-Free With Me!

I had the pleasure of working with these wonderful ladies as they were setting up their new WordPress blog.  Using the Thesis Theme as a starting point, I helped them customize the menu, throw in a fancy Google Font and set up a fabulous justified gallery plugin.

Check it out!



It’s here!

Welcome to my new website!  This is just the beginning.  In the next few days, I will be adding new products and services.  New pricing plans to appeal to any budget.

Come back soon to see FREE downloadable website templates!  Need help customizing it, adding content or setting up hosting?  I’m here to help.  The template is absolutely free.  You will only be charged for the time it takes for me to set it up and add your content.  Talk about affordable!

Also coming soon… Free WordPress themes.  There are plenty available for you to download out there on the web.  I will be providing some of them here.  This is an excellent way for beginners to get started blogging or setting up their company website with one of the most easy to use Content Management Systems.

Need a custom web design or WordPress theme for your small business?  I do that too.  Need hosting?  Yep!  That too!   SEO?  Absolutely!

Give me a call or drop me an e-mail any time for more information on how you can get your site up and running without breaking the bank!

Why should my small business have a website?

More people are searching online for local products and services than ever before and that number is still growing.  If they are anything like me, the old-fashioned paper directories do little more than take up valuable space in my drawer and eventually find their way into the trash.  As a small business owner, taking advantage of the multitude of online shoppers should be an easy choice.

Worried about the cost? 
While there can be a substantial up front cost to building a website, maintaining it over time is quite inexpensive.  Year after year, you can have an online presence for less than $100 a year, plus the low cost of keeping the content fresh.

Be available at all times: A website gives your customers and potential customers a way to find you and contact you at any time.  A website doesn’t have business hours and isn’t closed on Sundays.  If you offer products for sale on your website, you can make sales even while on vacation!  A website never closes.

Having a quality website will add credibility to your business.  More people are doing their research before spending their hard earned money.  If your potential customers can go to your website and learn more about you, you are building a relationship with them before they even set foot in your door.  (Likewise, a poorly designed website can hurt your credibility, so make sure you do it right!)

Give your business that personal touch:  You can showcase your family and involvement in the community.  This builds trust and loyalty and inspires people to want to do business with you.

Get a lot of questions from your customers?  Offer them an easy way to find the answers at any time with a Frequently Asked Questions page.  If they can’t find the answer they are looking for, give them an easy option to reach you.  E-mail forms are a great way to get people to contact you.  They are inviting and easy to use.  They help take the stress out of shopping by allowing the customer to ask questions in a no-pressure setting.

Many shoppers like to ask questions or get information about a company before leaving their house.  Offering your customers a way to do this will improve the chances that they will come to you when they do decide to buy.

How long before my website starts to bring in business?

Giving your small business an online presence can be a very valuable tool for building new business.  More people than ever before are searching online for local businesses before ever stepping outside their homes.  Online search has become more popular than the Yellow Pages and in many cases, it can be much more affordable long term.

A professionally designed website can certainly help you grow your business, but it won’t happen automatically.  A common misconception is that as soon as a website is published, people will be able to easily find it using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The truth is, there is a lot of competition out there and getting your name on the top of the list is no small task.  Especially when you’re competing with other businesses who have been on top for years.

Try it.  Go to and act like you are a potential customer looking for a service you have to offer.  What will you type in?  I typed in web designer on Long Island.  When I look at the top of the page I see I got over 94 Million results. 94,000,000.  That’s a lot of competition to overcome!

How to overcome 94 million competitors

In the Internet world, content is key.  I can’t say that enough.  Just like location location location, I like to say content content content.  Write quality content to describe your products and services.  When people search the web for a local business, they want to know all about you.  What you offer, how you do it, what they can expect as a customer, etc.  They want to know how to contact you, how to get to you, and where to park.

The way search engines work is they are looking for keywords in your content.  If someone is looking for a web designer on Long Island, I need to include those words in my content several times.  I also need to include related words to show that my website is indeed relevant.  The algorithm Google uses is very complex and includes inbound links, domain age, meta tags (the stuff you don’t see when you’re looking at a website), but the most important factor is going to be your content.

How do I know what keywords to use when writing my website’s content?

There are many tools available to help determine what people are searching for when they are looking for local small businesses.  Google AdWords Keyword tool is one of my favorites.  It can tell you how many searches people have performed in the past month as well as the statistics for related searches.  I like to keep my search terms local.  I have a much better chance of attracting someone who is looking for a web designer on Long Island than I do just a web designer.  (web designer searched by itself returns more than 342 million results).

Since my target is small business, focusing on the keywords small business web design on Long Island produces even better results.

Specific niche keywords often perform the best over more broad terms.  Even though more people search for the broad terms like web designer, the chances of coming out on top for such a term are very small.  Focus your niche and bring in the people looking for a more specialized or local service to improve website performance.

Mariposa Web Design supports the local economy.

Great news! The economy is improving and business is looking up. Yes! It really is! Ok, ok it’s slow going, but the point is it’s been a steady climb.

The bad news is I can’t do this all by myself. Not without chaining myself to my laptop that is. So I’m expanding my business!

I’ve recently contracted a designer and a coder, both based right here in the greater NYC area. With their help, I’ll be better able to give my clients the personal service they deserve! Not to mention being able to offer them more services that I wasn’t able to offer before!

This is great news for me and for my clients.

The first to benefit was Access Careers in Hempstead. The Access Careers website was recently launched on February 14th.  A happy Valentine’s Day indeed!  Access Careers features a custom WordPress theme, a vertical accordion drop down menu, and a dynamic School Update section.  The site designed to promote their many study programs such as their CNA Courses, Computer Courses and much more!

Like what you see?  Call me to see what we can do for you!

Mobile Websites Stink!

That’s right.. most websites I’ve visited from my mobile phone were horrible to read, horrible to navigate.. just.. plain.. stinky!

It’s time that changes.  A partner of mine has founded Conquer Marketing, Conquer Marketing is setting out to change the way we do business online, by taking our websites and our marketing efforts mobile!  To start with, we’ll be changing the sad fact that usability of most websites on mobile phones is pretty pathetic… near impossible in some cases.  We want to change that!

How does your website stack up?  Try accessing it with your mobile phone.  Time for an update?  Check out Conquer Marketing!

Why Hire A Designer?

A lot of business owners start with little or no money. They have to do everything themselves — product development, coming up with a marketing strategy, building of a website to help market their products or services. As their business grows, they will find that a simple “homemade” site might not be enough to meet their needs, and they will have to set aside time to revisit their web strategy and expand their site.

Sounds familiar? Chances are, you’re someone who started your business from the ground up too, so you’re pretty hesitant when it comes to spending your money for something you could probably do yourself. However, there is a lot more benefit to hiring a professional designer than just handling a job that you don’t have time to do.

When you hire a web designer to do your job for you, you are doing more than just handing over the work to someone else. In fact, by paying just a little money, you can let the designer worry about the little annoyances that always evade the main picture and only come haunting when you’re halfway through the job. Hiring a web designer will allow you to be more focused and have more time to spend on your actual business strategy.

On the other hand, the designers you hire are professionals so they are good at what they do. By outsourcing your web design jobs to them, you won’t have to worry when problems surface because you can always get them to fix it for you. Again, they will be able to pin point the problem and fix it faster than you probably will be able to.

Also, the work you pay for will turn out more professional than what you can achieve because the designers have been doing it longer than you have. After all, they do it for a living so they have to be good!

So, remember to not just work your business, but grow your business too!