Auto Blogging for Content the Best Route?

The long weekend has ended and I am back at work looking for ways to help generate traffic to my website. I came across a discussion on Auto-Blogging. As you can see, I’m not auto-blogging here.

Yes, I have tried autoblogging on different subjects, including on this site. But I took that down for one important reason. I felt that it took away from the personal touch I like to have with my readers and clients. I also feel that you risk not knowing what kinds of content you are getting.

I have a modest site that I built about a year ago for a small local Air Conditioning company. There is no blog feeding this site. The original concept was to develop quality unique content for our audience and rely on that for good SEO and to generate business for the brick and mortar office.

Based on that model, I’m getting an average of 30 hits per day and the website hasn’t been updated in months. Nothing spectacular in the wide world of internet marketing, but given my narrow niche and even more narrow target location, I’m not complaining.

Meanwhile, on a test blog that I threw together just because I had the empty domain, it’s being fed daily, yet I’m only getting 10-15 hits per day. Often less.

Of course I’m looking at two completely opposite ends of the spectrum to really make an educated judgement about whether autoblogging does any service to a website. Perhaps some unique content and an attractive design would boost traffic as well as conversion rates on the autosite.

For now, however, I’m sticking with what I know works and what makes me feel most comfortable, and that is to write unique content that my readers will find valuable. Maybe it’s time to update that Air Conditioning site and broaden my target a bit and see what happens.